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22 secrets to save time and money shopping at Costco It works like a gift card and a membership card in one, so you can test out the waters before you commit. And if you rack up more than what your gift card is worth while scouring the aisles, that's okay — you can cover the difference with cash or another accepted form of payment. And there's lots more you can do at Costco without a membership , too — like purchasing prescription drugs, seeing an optometrist, and eating at the food court.

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All that said, Costco is really lenient if you join the club and don't love it: They'll refund your membership fee in full at any time , if you're dissatisfied. And the brand has a loyal fan base: "I can't recall a single Kirkland product that our family didn't love or doesn't consistently use," says Melody Hansen, the blogger behind This Beautiful Frugal Life , which has an entire section devoted to Costco.

According to totally unconfirmed rumors, some of the Kirkland products might even be made by comparable name-brands. For instance, some say that Kirkland dishwasher detergent is actually made by Cascade — and even if that's not true, Kirkland's performance was above average in a Good Housekeeping Institute test.

In other tests, we've also rated Kirkland's baby diapers , paper towels , and laundry detergent highly. Hard to imagine a kitchen without CostcoOrganics. We asked Costco to confirm this information, but they stayed tight-lipped on any of their pricing policies.

How to save money at Costco!

So the context clues in the price you see in the price might certainly vary by store or circumstance — but they're still worth looking out for. Spot an asterisk at the top right of a shelf tag? In other words, stock up while you still can.

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Put your scissors away: Costco does not accept general manufacturer coupons. The idea is that the company has already gotten you a better deal. However, you can still use rebate apps to save. It's worth mentioning, however, that because you can't use manufacturer coupons — and stack them like you might at other stores like Target — that not everything in Costco might be the best deal. For instance, the Krazy Coupon Lady bloggers hesitate to buy cereal, razors, and shampoo at Costco, since they know that coupons used elsehwere might get them a better deal.

Make a beeline to the center of the store.

You can do this by downloading the free Costco app and add offers to your shopping list, or you can visit the website and browse what's available. Items that end in. Costco offers deals on most items, but its household goods are especially cheap, according to Time. Your account will be credited for the offer. Particularly with the health and beauty items, Demer said, prices are often better at drugstores or other retailers where you can combine store promotions like 'buy so many and get a gift card or percentage off' with high value manufacturer coupons. Type keyword s to search.

Costco does have a coupon book, but you don't have to clip those either. The exceptions: "The optometry and photo departments still require either a physical coupon or for you to show them the coupon from the Costco app on your phone. According to Matt, eyeglasses are way cheaper at Costco than at your eye doctor.

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Hanson says other grocery items are almost impossible to beat. Her go-to list includes coconut oil, organic maple syrup, organic fruit snacks, and frozen fruit.

Matt agrees: "Milk, eggs, butter, and cheese are usually cheaper at Costco. Butter is almost half the price of the grocery store — but you do have to buy four pounds at once. Raise your hand if you've ever gone to Costco just to make a lunch out of the freebies. Yeah, that's what we thought.

Offers at Costco

To get the best discounts, you'll want to view what the current coupon offers are so you can take advantage of them. You can do this by downloading the free Costco app and add offers to your shopping list, or you can visit the website and browse what's available. In addition to making sure you know which offers are available, follow these tips. Although some retailers limit you to one item per coupon, Costco coupons often let you use the coupon discount for more than one item. This varies based on each specific offer, so make sure you check the limits and plan your shopping limits according.

Some offers might limit you to just two items while others offer larger limits such as Some offers do not have a limit. Some coupon offers are only good for combinations of items such as a purchase of Tide detergent and Bounce dryer sheets. Make sure you know if an offer includes a combo purchase so you don't miss out on the deal by only buying one of the items. These can represent great deals since you're often purchasing larger sizes and quantities of items than you would at a regular grocery store, so take advantage of this and stock up.

If you like to do your shopping online, you're in luck. Many of the coupons for this warehouse retailer are also available online. These are marked with a red flag, so check which items qualify for coupon discounts first if you plan to do your shopping online.

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There are also online-only offers, though these are usually for more expensive purchases like appliances or patio furniture rather than everyday household items. You can combine available cashback offers for Costco items from places like Ibotta and Checkout 51 to help you maximize your savings. Just be sure to check for current offers from these sites and add them to your account before you shop.